What types of payment do you accept?

Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover and Amex .

When do I pay for my prints?

Full payment is due when placing an order.Shipping:

We can ship anywhere. Shipping fees are based on location, time, and weight of the package to be delivered.

Is there a rush charge for same day/next day prints?

We do not have any rush charges for photo prints. We can do same day or next day prints. Please ask for the quick turnaround only if you have to have the prints by a certain time. Normal turnaround is 1 to 2 days for Head Shots and 3 to 4 days for everything else. Shipping may delay having your prints on time. We recommend picking up at our Studio Cooper City location.

How do I place an order online?

Easy! Click on order , fill in contact info and attach the file(s) to be printed. 

How do I reorder online?

We keep your orders on file. Mention in the notes section that it is a reorder; and we’ll take care of the rest. No setup fee on reorders.

Hours of operation

Our hours are Monday through Friday 10AM to 5PM, we open some Saturdays 10AM to 2PM (Please call or email for more info), Sundays we are closed.

Our location

We are conveniently located at 12233 SW 55th Street Ste: 806 Cooper City, FL 33330 

What is the ideal Image size for upload/print?

High resolution files are recommended.We will notify you if the file provided is not going to produce a high quality print.

How long will you keep my files for reorders?

Although we will archive your files for at least one year, there are no guarantees your file will be available. We suggest storing your files on disk or hard drive for safe keeping as well.

Can I get email proofs?

E-mail proofs are provided 

What is a custom name setup?

We can do special designs to fit your look. Including a unique border and font for name. See samples.

Do you provide test prints?

Yes! We can print a test for your review before running the quantity. No charge for test prints. Test prints to be reviewed at our Studio Cooper City Location or Email for color proofing.

How quickly can I get my prints?

Normal turnaround time is 1 to 2 days for Head Shots and 3 to 4 days for everything else. We can have your Head Shots or Business Cards (photo paper) ready sooner at no extra cost. For any other product you may have and extra charge for rush prints.

Is there a rush charge for same day/next day prints on 8x10s?

No Rush Charge! We just ask that if you could wait for the normal turnaround time to do so. This way we can accommodate actors who have to have their print for a certain event.

Extra image(s) on 8×10 headshot prints.

Industry Standard is to have one headshot picture on the 8×10, however, you can do layouts of multiple images or have a smaller image on the side of the main one. This works if you want to show different hairstyles, beard, or things you can do (ex, musician, stunts…)

Black and white vs. color

Color is recommended and is the industry standard. It’s easier to know what you look like with a color photograph i.e. hair color and skin tone.

Vertical vs. horizontal headshots

Vertical shots are the standard, but horizontal shots can also work very well. Talk to your agent or manager for their recommendation. See Samples.

Is it better to place a larger or smaller 8×10 quantity order?

Better deals are available on larger quantities. Smaller runs are good if the image will be used temporarily or not as often.

Does font location matter?

This is up to you. It is normally located on the bottom left, right, or center. Some agents require a specific layout, check with your agent.

What font should I pick? Can you help?

You can pick a font from our font list; try to keep it simple and legible. We can help pick a font for you.

What is a Bleed?

“Bleed” refers to a print without any borders. See Sample.

Bleed vs. border?

This is all on personal preference; both can be used for headshot submissions.

Can I pick border colors?

We can put any border color. White is the standard, but other colors will work as well.

See sample.

Will the name setup fee be waived if I do my own setup?

Yes, we will waive the name setup fee. The file must be submitted as print ready and we will not do any further adjustments.

Is there a setup fee on reorders?

No. We will retain all of your previous files that already have a name setup. Just call and place a reorder and only pay for the prints.

What size postcards are available?

Postcards are available in 4×6 or 5.5×8.5.

What are zed cards or comp cards?

Zed cards or comp cards are for models. These promotional Zed cards include close up face picture on the front with name and 4 body shots on the back with measurements and contact info. cards or comp cards are printed full color on both sides on 16 pt. card stock.

What is the turnaround time for business cards and postcards?

The turnaround for 16 pt. card stock is about 4 to 6 business days.

How does setup/design work for postcards and business cards?

Designs are done custom to fit your look. You can ask for a digital proof to check and approve layout. We can modify design after you view your digital proof to make corrections.

Can I do my own design and have the setup fee waived?

Yes, only if the design is final and print ready.

Is there a design fee for reorders?

No, we’ll keep the design on file for reorders. Fees apply to changes to an existing design.

How large can you print?

We can print any size! Call for details.

What paper material do you carry for large prints?

Photo, canvas, adhesive photo paper and more…

Mounting and lamination

We offer mounting and lamination for large prints. Call us for details.

Old photo restoration

Restoring old photographs is our specialty. Bring the picture in for a quick estimate.

Picture will be scanned at hi-res, digitally restored, and printed to any preferred size.

Do I get a CD with the restoration order for archiving?

Yes, we’ll give you a CD of the final image for an extra fee

What can you scan?

We can scan from any print, slide, and negative.

Can you scan and print my picture?

Yes we can. Although all our scans are high resolution, we prefer to print from original digital files to avoid quality loss because of second generation scanning.

My picture is too big to scan!

We can take a high resolution photograph of any print that is physically too large to scan

Can you scan my photos that are damaged?

Yes we can. We have years of experience scanning and restoring old photos that have been damaged from water, sun, or any other elements.

What is the difference between minor, moderate and major retouching?

Minimum retouching is recommended for minor blemishes and hair flyaway.

Moderate retouching is most common. Which includes blemishes, under eyes, crow’s feet, laugh lines, fly-aways, skin tone and sharpening of the eyes.

Major retouching is recommended for drastic changes such as background color, body shape, hair color and any other specific or out of the ordinary retouching.

Does resolution make a difference on the retouching?

Yes, get better results and flexibility of usage with higher resolution files.

Can I view the before and after?

The final retouched version can be viewed at our location or a digital proof can be emailed.

What is a good amount of retouching?

You need to look like yourself. A good retouched picture does not look retouched. Excessive retouching is not recommended.

How do I give retouching instructions for an online order?

You can make notes in the online order form. A staff member will contact you to get the specifics.